Frozen Pipes

Frozen pipes and frozen water lines; how to prevent frozen pipes, what not to do, and what to do, if you have frozen pipes.

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One day when I was going through a man's home replacing sections of pipe that burst because they froze and broke, the man asked me (with one of the broken pipes in his hand):

How cold does it have to get for pipes to freeze?

I answered 31 degrees Fahrenheit. He looked at me like I was crazy, but that is all it takes for a pipe to freeze.

Fixing frozen pipes is a serious matter, and you should consult a professional for a frozen drain pipe or frozen water pipe.

What Is Your Frozen Pipe Problem?

  • Fix frozen pipe
  • Fix frozen water pipe
  • Thaw frozen pipe
  • Prevent frozen pipes

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Thawing Frozen Pipes

Your boiler is making a funny noise and you shut it down, the noise may not be a big deal, call a plumber let them listen to the noise over the phone, in most cases we know if the noise is a big deal or not.

We had a woman with a squeaky circulator, she was so afraid of the noise she turned the boiler off and called a glorified handyman, who told her it was ok to leave the heat off till she could afford to call a plumber.

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Prevent Frozen Pipes

What to do prevent pipes from freezing:

  1. Keep all of your thermostats set above 55 degrees
  2. Have your heating system serviced and in good repair before you leave.

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